I have flirted with having a blog for years.  I believe I started trying this in 2012 and interest quickly waned.  Mainly because I didn't feel like my opinion was adding much to the world outside, and partly because in retrospect, it didn't amount to much more than a constant stream of complaints.

In recent months, I have found myself immersed in the wide world of crafts and remembered the enjoyment of creation.  Some of the pieces I have given away as gifts.  Some others I had created for a specific event.  Those who know me have asked about materials used and construction details.

Prior to that, around the end of 2014, I started getting into the wonderfully mad world of Fountain Pens.  I have always had an obsession with writing implements, whether it be pencils, pens, markers, or basically anything that you could "write" with.  I used to spend hours perusing the pen aisle at office supply stores, comparing the tip size and figuring out which pen to try next.  So of course Fountain Pens would be the natural next step in the progression.  I started out by playing with various pens and inks.  Then I began reading and watching/listening to reviews.  Then I began to post comments to others' reviews with my thought.  Finally culminating in my sporadic contribution to the long list of reviews.

After many months of deliberation, I have decided to restart this endeavor and see where this takes me, and anyone else who decides to hop on board.

So sit back, relax, and let's go down the rabbit hole!